I believe in feeding the skin from inside and out. To this end I have adopted the Feed, Fortify and Finish approach to skin care.

FEED with the Advanced Nutrition Programme

I only stock The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements, which are  independently manufactured and tested, are non GMO, sourced from MSC approved stock, ingredients are sustainably- and where possible organically- sourced, non irradiated, and EPAX certified. All the packaging is 100%recycled and recyclable, and printed using eco friendly vegetable ink.

Skin Care Products in Chippenham
Skin Care Products in Chippenham

Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

FORTIFY with Environ products

I only use Environ products in the salon, as whilst I have worked with numerous other brands in the past, I have never seen results like those which I – and my clients – achieve with this range of products. Using Environ for the last 10 years has made my own skin healthier and more resilient.

Environ was founded by Dr Des Fernandes, one of the worlds top plastic surgeons, in 1990, and is used by many Dermatologists, Aestheticians, and skin therapists worldwide.

Born out of his work in plastic surgery,  Dr Des “wanted to make something that would help skin to actually be better, not merely feel or appear better.” Meticulously researched and tested, he created the first Step-Up system of Vitamin A moisturisers containing high quality ingredients which allow users to gradually acclimatise their skin to increasing levels of vitamin A, which is essential for skin health. In Salon Facial treatments and associated homecare products target skin conditions such as breakouts, dryness, pigmentation and premature ageing and are designed to improve skin health. These products are not available over the counter, and are only available through qualified practitioners and therapists, following a full consultation

Due to the active nature of the ingredients in certain Environ® products (including non-active ingredients which become active when combined with others), a consultation is required to establish the correct products for your skin.

Skin Care Products in Chippenham

FINISH with et al. Skincare makeup

et al. means ‘and more’. This is the beauty of makeup that does more.

Powered by over 30 years of skin health expertise, et al. is the makeup that does more for your clients’ skin and the planet. Merging the joy of makeup with the science of skincare, the range is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. A makeup first and foremost, it delivers a healthy glow to the skin while hydrating and protecting against blue light, UVA and UVB rays and more. Responsibly produced, every product can be recycled or reused to negate its impact on the planet.

It’s clean, vegan and natural and  no chemicals or sensitisers are used in these products, and they contain only the highest grade actives.  They treat your skin as they enhance it.

Foundations contain and SPF, a blue light filter and contain ingredients which calm and soothe the skin as they protect it from UV and pollutants, all whilst being kind to the planet.

Make Up Products in Chippenham